Our preschool model has a proven track record of success.

Head Start is a federally funded community-based program for low-income, at-risk children (three to five years old) and families.


Head Start promotes the school readiness of young children from low- income families by enhancing their cognitive, social, and emotional development.

A Great Early Education

Children enrolled at DLEC receive a high quality, developmentally appropriate early education. Our students attend a dynamic, inclusive school. Multilingual teachers reinforce the language kids speak at home as well as help them, master English. Our curriculum includes literacy, math, and social-emotional skills so that all DLEC five-year-olds can enter kindergarten prepared and ready to learn and grow.

We are one of the few Seattle daycares and preschool centers that have a small class size and student to teacher ratio. For example, our preschool classrooms have an average of 17 to 19 kids with a Lead Teacher, a Teaching Assistant and a Classroom Aid.

Our classroom size is always at least 1 child less than the maximum group size allowed. Part of having a quality childcare center means a smaller teacher to child ratio so that teachers can provide more individualized interaction with each child and they can tailor instruction to better meet the needs of the child. Many early learning studies illustrate the positive cognitive effects of class sizes and student-teacher ratios and that preschool children have greater gains in vocabulary, letter recognition, literacy, math and spatial reasoning. Finally, children have more opportunities to develop better social emotional results when they feel safe and confident and can follow classroom rituals of sitting down quietly during circle time, put on their coats before recess and raising their hands to ask a question.

We partner with FareStart to provide meals to all of our classrooms. Menus follow federal and state guidelines and are reviewed by our nutrition consultant. While many meal programs offer processed food, FareStart provides healthy nutritious cuisine that kids enjoy. Each meal is created by FareStart chefs, from scratch, they even provide allergen-free and vegetarian options. Check out a typical menu!

View a sample class schedule:

Full Day Class Schedule - Denise Louie Education Center

Curriculum & Student Assessments

Denise Louie Education Center utilizes the Creative Curriculum , a play-based, experiential curriculum, the Anti-Bias Curriculum, and the Committee for Children’s Second Step Anti-violence Curriculum that teaches children problem-solving and social-emotional skills.

Each child has an individualized plan developed jointly with the parent/s that identifies outcomes in social-emotional development, literacy, language development, mathematics, physical health, science, creative arts, and approaches to learning. All Denise Louie Education Center classrooms develop a language plan to promote the reinforcement of the home languages of each child in the classroom.

Throughout the year, we assess our students’ progress using a variety of tools. We measure school readiness skills using Teaching Strategies Gold (TS Gold). TS Gold divides kindergarten readiness within the areas of social–emotional, physical, language, cognitive, literacy, and mathematics.

We also gauge children’s receptive English skills using the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test (PPVT). CLASS (Classroom Assessment Scoring System) measures teacher-child interactions in the areas of Emotional Support, Classroom Organization, Instructional Support.

Consistently every year, over 85% of children who graduate preschool from Denise Louie Education Centers are able to meet math, literacy and social-emotional benchmarks and all other domains that indicate kindergarten readiness. During our most recent on-site review by the Office of Head Start, DLEC teachers were ranked above the national average in all three domains being assessed in the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS):

Denise Louie Education Center - lassroom Assessment Scoring System


Children at DLEC may attend a full-day or a part-day program.


Monday to Thursday
(School year)

(8:30am-11:30pm OR 12:30pm-4:00pm)

Monday to Thursday
(Year round)

Full Day
(8:30 am-2:30pm)

Monday to Friday
(School year)


Extended Day
(Year round)


Beacon Hill





Yesler TerraceX



Mercy Magnuson Place 



Part-day: Head Start

Full-day: Head Start, SPP and Private Pay.

Extended-day: Head Start, ECEAP, Private Pay, Childcare subsidy from DSHS or City of Seattle vouchers accepted.

Children must be three years old by August 31 of the program year to enroll. DLEC arranges dental and physical screenings for all students and families to participate in monthly nutrition activities. To enroll your child, please include the following documents to complete your child’s application.

Once we receive your application, and enrollment staff will call to schedule an intake appointment in order to complete the application process.

For more information on tuition, eligibility and enrollment criteria, please contact the Enrollment Team at (206) 767-8223.