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Denise Louie Education Center
Denise Louie Education Center1 day ago
On this day between Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the inauguration day of our biracial, Black, South Asian, daughter of immigrant parents Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, we took a moment in our Tuesday Zoom Play & Learn session to reflect upon how hard it is to talk with our kids about racism and how important these discussions are – it is never too early to talk with kids about race.
As early as 3 months, children start to notice race! As they grow, they will draw their own conclusions based on what they see - if caregivers, families, and teachers do not speak up. To learn more and speak up, check out and
If you have a resource that has helped you talk with children about race, post a comment, and thank you for continuing the conversation. #playandlearn
1 week ago
The work that we do would not be possible without the generous support of dedicated donors like the Windermere Foundation. We are so grateful for their contribution to our Winter Drive, enabling a total of 283 gifts for our families! Thank you, @windermere!❤️ DeniseLouieEd photo