“Building Brighter Futures”

DLEC’s Sustainability Campaign ~ Support Our Initiatives Today!

We believe in the transformative power of education and community. For years, DLEC has provided a beacon of hope to vulnerable young children and their families, working alongside them through education and support. Today, we are calling on you to help us continue making this difference, because every child deserves a bright future. As our community and operational costs continue to grow, so does our need for sustainable funding. We must meet the rising cost of providing high-quality childcare programs, compensate our staff competitively, and ensure that we can meet the needs of our community through partnerships, resources, and services that tackle issues such as trauma, poverty and access to early education.

Therefore, we are proud to announce our 5 year sustainability campaign focused on raising $5 million to support children from 0-5. Funds will directly support two aligned initiatives: the DLEC Childcare Workers Compensation Initiative and the DLEC Health and Wellness Initiative. Through these, we aim to address financial challenges faced by our dedicated staff and promote wellness in our community, with the vision of ensuring high quality early learning education for our youngest learners and their families.

DLEC Childcare Workers Compensation Initiative

Market data and the rising cost of living necessitate that we invest in our staff to attract, retain, and support the heart of our organization. Therefore, we are committed to a five-year journey to diversify our funding and improve compensation. The goal is to provide our staff with the financial security they need to continue their invaluable work.

DLEC Health and Wellness Initiative

Caring for those who care for others is of paramount importance. Our Health and Wellness Initiative aims to promote physical activities, mental wellness, and social fitness among our staff. We believe that a strong, well-cared-for workforce is crucial to high-quality childcare.

Simultaneously, we are exploring new ways to generate funds. Our four-pronged approach includes strengthening partnerships, maximizing the use of our facilities, exploring different fee models, and deepening our advocacy work. In addition, we are seeking funds to support essential projects like:

  1. Alumni Scholarship: A scholarship fund to support DLEC alumni who are in or pursuing higher education. Give to this project here!
  2. DLEC Back to School Drive: Provides educational materials, clothing, and other supplies to families in need.
  3. The Summer Learning Projects: Helps children prevent learning loss and engage in fun, creative activities.
  4. A Response to Intervention (RTI) Framework: Supports inclusion and reduces the number of students needing special education referrals, thereby promoting early intervention and customized support.
  5. Family Wellness: Promotes, educates, provides, and refers families to services in nine interconnected dimensions: physical, emotional, creative, environmental, financial, occupational, intellectual, social, and spiritual.

Where will the funds come from?

In order to increase the diversity and amount of funding we have in place to implement, sustain, and grow the above initiatives we are taking a four pronged approach that will include:

  • Strengthening existing partnerships (and forging new ones).

  • Maximizing the use of our facilities.

  • Exploring different fee models.

  • Deepening our advocacy work.

These investments will positively benefit children, workers, and their families. DLEC envisions a future where the opportunity gaps between low-income children and their more advantaged peers is closed, and where childcare workers are compensated, effectively supported, and recognized for the vital role they play.

Your support can help us build brighter futures for our children, families, and community. Join us today in making a sustainable impact that will resonate for generations to come.