Meet the Teachers

Erika Ortiz - Teacher - Denise Louse Education Center


When did you begin working at DLEC? 2007

Teaching Background:

I have worked with young children since 2002. I started out working at a home care and afterward began working for a child care center and then as a teaching assistant. After four years of working at that center, there was an opportunity to apply at DLEC. At the time, my youngest daughter was a preschool student at the International District site. Since DLEC was a big supporter of parents, I thought it would be a good decision to apply, and of course, it was! I started in the on-call position, then became a teacher’s assistant, and then as a lead teacher in PM class.

Passion, what do you love about your work?

My passion is working as a teacher with preschool children. When I am in the classroom, especially in circle time, it is like an internal transformation, it is being present, in the moment, and I enjoy it and have fun at the same time that the children learn from me, and I am learning from them. About working at DLEC, I am blessed to have the opportunity to work and be part of the DLEC team. From the first day I started working at this agency, I felt part of it. I have been lucky and blessed to meet wonderful people, that for some reason, I have been able to interact and work together. Every day I learn something new, and of course, every day I learn and gain experience and wisdom from each of those people. I love working here because DLEC has a philosophy that I agree with and because I have had the opportunity to grow professionally. Children are wonderful, full of love, innocence, and curiosity. The families are beautiful, and from each family, I have continued to learn about different cultures, languages, customs, ideas and that helps me improve what I do. Again, I am blessed to still be working in DLEC!!

Teacher Binh Duong - Denise Louie Education Center


When did you begin working at DLEC? 2001

Teaching Background:

I have been a Teacher Assistant for 18 years, and I moved to a co-lead Teacher role in 2019. 

Passion, what do you love about your work?

I love to see the children growing from their Social-Emotional skills. Children start off the year with a blank slate and as they learn from the environment and make friends, they begin to grow social emotionally through fights, cries, arguments, sharing, and caring. I also like the academic and art area, in this area, I can see the children from learning numbers, alphabets, crafts and arts to writing their name.

Lastly, DLEC is a multicultural community and I love serving children and families from diverse backgrounds. 

Zoe Powers - Teacher - Denise Louie Education Center


When did you begin working at DLEC? 2019

Teaching Background:

I have been teaching in the early childhood setting for about three years. However, I have had an active role in an elementary education setting as a volunteer since I as 12, and have previously worked as a private nanny.

Passion, what do you love about your work?

I’ve always been very passionate about literature and storytelling. I hope this passion translates in my work with children, as I inspire their own interests in books, writing, and language. I simply can’t think of a better way to learn about one another than sharing our stories!