The Denise Louie Education Center

Please complete the following online application for this position. In addition, you will have the opportunity to attach your resume and/or cover letter.

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  • I understand that a condition of employment is that Denise Louie Education Center must conduct local and national background checks. Therefore, if offered employment by Denise Louie Education Center I hereby authorize Denise Louie Education Center to conduct local and national background checks for the purposes of evaluating whether I am qualified for the position. I understand that Denise Louie Education Center will utilize an outside firm(s) to assist in checking such information. I also understand that I may withhold my permission and in such a case my application for employment will not be processed further.

  • If employed, the employment relationship between me and Denise Louie Education Center will be at-will. This means that the employment relationship is for no specific term and may be terminated by either me or Denise Louie Education Center at any time, with or without cause or advance notice, for any reason not prohibited by law. Nothing contained in the DLEC Policies & Procedures or descriptions of benefits create a contract between you and DLEC for continued employment or any particular benefit. While employed by the organization, I agree to devote my business and professional time and energy to the conduct of the organization’s business and not devote substantial business or professional services to other interests without prior agreement.
  • I certify that the above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any untrue or misleading answers are cause for rejection of my application or dismissal if employed. I authorize Denise Louie Education Center to verify statements contained in this application. I authorize Denise Louie Education Center to contact references listed in this application. I further authorize the release of information related to my employment for consideration in making a hiring decision and hold the person(s) and the corporation(s) giving references harmless and free of any and all liability that could result from this process.

  • Half of Washington’s children enter kindergarten unprepared. Kids who start out behind their peers find it harder to catch up.

    Department of Early Learning, Overview of the WaKIDS Pilot, February 2011, accessed online March 1, 2013.