The Denise Louie Education Center

Why It Matters

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Half of Washington’s children enter kindergarten unprepared.

Children who do not have access to high quality early learning experiences are:

  • 25% more likely to drop out of school
  • 40% more likely to become a teen parent
  • 50% more likely to be placed in special education
  • 70% more likely to be arrested for a violent crime

Our children deserve better — and we cannot afford not to solve this problem.

Early Learning is a Great Investment
The research proves it and so do our graduates.

For every $1 invested in pre-kindergarten, there is a return of investment of around $7. Investing in early learning now means we won’t be paying nearly so much down the road for “safety net” and correctional services. Beyond budgets, DLEC kids deserve a chance at a quality education and opportunity to be successful. Children from low-income families deserve to grow up in the same high-quality learning environments you would choose for your own children. A Rice University study found that a child from a high-income family will experience 30 million more words within the first four years of life than a child from a low-income family. DLEC helps close the “opportunity gap” so that kids can enter kindergarten ready to be successful and their families have the tools to support them.

  • Pert, now 30,  enjoyed growing up around kids from different cultures at DLEC and his father owned one of the first grocery stores in the International District. Today he is an IT Consultant and enjoys traveling and backpacking.