The Denise Louie Education Center

Board of Directors

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  • Kai Shih

    Kai Shih

    President, Finance, Program & Capital Campaign Committees

    2014 - Present

  • Hemangi Parab

    Vice President, Program Committee

    2016 - Present

  • Mitzi Moore

    Treasurer, Finance Committee

    2013 - present

  • Kristen Burm

    Auction & Development Committees

    2017 - Present

  • Fuchsia-Rose Camacho

    Program Committee, Former Program Parent

    2015 - Present

  • Joan Duffell

    Board Development & Capital Campaign Committees

    2012 - present

  • Jonathon Kong

    Board Development Committee

    2014 - Present

  • Linh Tran

    Advocacy Committee

    2018 - Present

  • Michael Wang

    Board Development Committee

    2016 - Present

  • Ashley's class was the first to have Jumpstart students in the classroom. Jumpstart recruits, trains, supervises, and supports college students to work with early childhood programs in low-income communities such as Head Start. Today she is attending Newport High School and wants to be a Jumpstart student when she is in college.